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User centricity is key to the digital workplace

It’s both challenging and exciting to be part of a transformation program working towards delivering a digital workplace. However it also constantly amazes me that in conversations with some of my colleagues that some see the digital workplace as being simply about the next set of tools and technologies. For me it’s a whole mind set shift for starters.

It’s clear to me that central to the digital workplace is taking a people centric approach and it has to focus on open communication, enabling global people connectivity and engendering transparency across an organisation. At the bottom line it’s about ensuring we are focusing on improving the use case end of things – i.e. the “what users do” as part of their everyday work activities. This should translate into persistent and continuous embedding of enabling capabilities across the digital experience for the user that add up to make the user’s online experience more integrated, continuous and seamless.

With people at the centre, a digital workplace must focus on enabling the breaking down of silos, enabling dynamic interaction as well as allows user to be far more engaged. In a big organisation, like the one I work for, being able to draw on our global pool of talent together to problem solve, innovate on an international basis is what can successfully set us apart from our competitors. Organisations that can achieve this first will come out above others who are slower to realise this …but to do this effectively is all about taking the people centric approach.


Yesterday a college reflected on an external event she had attended and referred to a quote that the mind set required for effective collaboration is being about “..bringing your whole self to a conversation and being ready for change…”. For me that sums up the underlying change to thinking that we must apply to how we approach the future digital workplace including collaboration. It’s about our people, their mind sets and behaviours, not tools – they are merely the underlying enablers!

For me I believe we’ll know when we have delivered a digital workplace experience for our users. In terms of the online experience, this will be about delivering a single centralised capability where employees are able to come together to easily find, connect, share information, exchange insights, remain connected with colleagues and activities across the organisation in a seamless way. This in turn will be a catalyst for how our people find, connect and engage with each other to the values they live and breathe through their actions. This is all about our culture, not simply tools!


Here comes Workplace!

So we learnt that Facebook’s official product entry into the enterprise social software market will from today be called “Workplace” (formerly known as Facebook at Work) + it has unveiled a number of new features / enhancements today.

It will be fascinating to see which organisations now move ahead with it beyond the 1,000 who have been piloting it, how the analysts rate it and where it is a year from now in term of new customers, product development and roadmap…. this marks a very interesting time with a consumer world giant moving in the enterprise collaboration arena…watch this space!