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Getting comfortable first

I led a very interesting call today of our country social deployment and adoption leads. On today’s we discussed “What has worked well” from an adoption perspective across each of our key countries. During the conversation we touched on a theme around the need for users of the system to first and foremost feel comfortable as they each begin using the platform.

We heard from a couple of leads how often there is a fear (or concern) from users of making a post (often a first post) to the platform when users are not sure who will be reading what they post, how many people they could be posting to, who might read their post (leadership ?) etc. etc.  Interestingly in some cases users are more likely to make a post in a group if they know it is either a Closed group or By Approval meaning –i.e. in either case they will be posting to a closed and not an open group.

For me this comes back to inherent cultural traits, probably stemming in part from ingrained email related behaviours, where people need to know who will read and consume what they post v the uncertainty around the transparency that social introduces where the user may not even know who may read and respond.  With the closed scenario they forgo the great potential benefits that serendipitous discovery by others can lead to with posting to a social platform but it’s a start, and that’s the important point.

Really interestingly we also have a few cases where groups themselves have started life as private closed groups and as the user base has become accustomed to the platform, comfortable with how it works, realised the benefits … so the community leaders have opened them up for others to join in leading to wider benefits realisation.

So my learning here is to do whatever it takes for groups and the users who make them up to get comfortable first.