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A simple but effective use case for a social platform: Beating those problems with scheduling meetings

Having problems scheduling meetings? Can’t get time in diaries?

Sometimes you just can’t all get together for a meeting. And that can slow a project or initiative down. Well, it doesn’t need to be that way. There ARE other ways to get the same job done – and even more efficiently.

This video shows how a social tool – e.g. . the Hub – can be effectively used instead of a face to face meeting.


All it takes is one dude to get the party started..then before long it becomes unstoppable !

Loving this clip as shared by John Stepper of the dude at a festival getting up and dancing on his own. After not long others join him and form a group then before you know it everyone piles in but notice others need to watch and get comfortable with the situation for themselves before they too are brave enough to join in…

For me this sums up really well how just one person, who is not afraid of what others think, is prepared to get up and act in a new way. It is then amazing to see how his actions bring about a chain reaction change in others.  Key thing for me is that he is taking what others will likely see as a risk only for it to cause others to follow suite and change their behaviours.

John says “That’s exactly the kind of movement I’m hoping for”. I couldn’t agree more in terms of my current focus and the challenge getting our people to embrace with social within the enterprise. We have some great pockets of those types of people  – who have got up and “danced.”  I may use that clip going forwards to help explain to other what I mean when I say not being afraid to work / act out load. Thanks John !

#1 Now it’s my turn

Now it’s my turn to work out load. I know many others in my similar roles in other organisations who are already doing this and seeing the benefits. The fact that you are using your voice through blogging to share the simplest thing can help to bring about what may seem like the tiniest of change but importantly it all counts. I certainly get the benefits from reading their blogs so now I want to put add my voice to the bigger community too.

So what will I be blogging about? – well everything and anything along the way on my journey as the leader of enterprise social collaboration within a large enterprise. From using social at a large firm wide event, to leaderships jams to individual stories of why social worked for just one or two people to many tens of users.

This is about sharing the story of going social on the inside! #workingoutload